SmartChoiceNation is a financial education social enterprise firm dedicated to empowering America’s youth to make smarter financial and life skills choices.

Our Operating Model

Our Operating Model features three key components that support financial literacy comprehension coupled with the development of positive money habits and behaviors:

1) Educate: Our workshops and materials are competency based and aligned with financial literacy standards from the Jump$tart Coalition and several other financial education standards. Our classroom experiences are also designed to complement the Common Core Standards in Math for each age group.

2) Encourage: Our culturally sensitive workshops, materials and interactive classroom experiences create a safe place for learning and growth to occur.

3) Empower: Our workshops arm students with relevant financial education and action plans delivered in a safe and encouraging environment. This allows our students to become financially empowered and ready to make smart financial and life choices.

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How SmartChoiceNation can help

How can SmartChoiceNation help?